Tangible Effort

Sometimes you come across an idea that’s impressive not just as an idea, but as the evidence of the skill and hard work that’s gone into bringing it to life.

You can sense some the painstaking labour and effort that’s gone in. And there’s something else too – its the audacity that someone’s had, to take an idea that feels like a lot of hard work, and bring it to life. 

This is the kind of feeling I had when I saw this:

Koeran artist Osang Gwon shot the band members of Keane for their latest album by taking hundreds of individual photos and reassembling them on a physical model, and then shooting the finished patchwork figures as the final image.

Check out more of the images here.

In a world where everything seems quick, disposable, and easy to replicate, we seem to love seeing, talking about and sharing things where the work put in by one person feels undeniable. (See also: Blu)

Link stolen from creative review.


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