Change at Cannes

Gold Cyber LionOver at bannerblog, there’s been a post discussing the recent Cannes Cyber Lion Grand Prix Winner – the “Best Job in the World” campaign by Cummins Nitro. Asking whether the campaign, as good as it is, really represents the most innovative digital thinking. Or whether its just a great idea that happens to live in the digital space.

Personally, I also find it strange that one campaign could take out the Grand Prix in three categories. Surely this is a sign that the categories are becoming increasingly irrelevant? When digital is more often than not becoming the core of any campaign (even when it comes to this year’s film Grand Prix winner), having a “digital” category starts to sound a bit odd.

Maybe its time for a different Cyber Grand Prix –  one that finds the most innovative creative application of technology. And hopefully one that doesnt reward technological dohickery for its own sake.

But I think there’s another reason why the Best Job in the World had the run that it did. Everyone had heard of it. And not just from ad blogs – from local news sources too. In their own countries. That kind of exposure is pretty much undeniable. In the end, it might actually be fame that’s the new award currency.

In the meantime, should someone tell the Lions people that “cyber” is a bit old school?


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