Twenty Ten

Now that the dust has settled from the beginning of the year (and with one twelfth of it already done) I’ve finally had a chance to think about the year ahead, and find a couple of things to concentrate on. Not a new years resolution or anything, but what better time to look at things from a bigger picture point of view?

So here’s three things I’ve decided to concentrate on this year:

1. Embracing  chaos.

I spent a lot of time last year being organised, trying to keep things balanced, trying to get things done. But there’s a flipside to all this organisation. You have to stay aware that the world around us, our work, our relationships, its all in constant flux.  I’m going to learn to move with some of these currents instead of building rickety plans that can’t bend in the wind. Everything always changes.

2. Going outside

I’m becoming more and more aware of the digital echo chamber – watching campaigns roll out with the same ideas, the same thoughts, the same structures. Its hard, because we’re all trying to create success, trying to learn from what’s around us. But so much of the ideas I see in digital campaigns are the same.

This year I’m going looking for inspiration outside of this space. Anything outside of this digital/marketing/advertising space I generally lurk around in. I’ll post what I find. Not links like “hey this is cool” – if there’s nothing to be learnt from it, it wont go in. If that means I only post one, so be it. But somehow I doubt that will be the case.

3. Talk more

Yes, I’m busy. I work reasonably long hours. I also take on insane side projects from time to time (currently, its a book. I know, I know…). That limits the amount that I post here, or comment elsewhere. But I also think way too much before I write. I balance, consider, edit, weigh up implications. This year I’m going to say more things. And with a little luck get myself in more trouble.

Should be interesting. Wish me luck.


2 Responses to “Twenty Ten”

  1. 1 Tristan February 4, 2010 at 8:52 am

    Very nice otsman. I won’t call them goals but wicked things to aim for. Particularly love (and might take on myself) ‘talk more’. It’s too easy to hold back and over analyse things before saying them. And why is it that in this process they tend to get diluted instead of enrichened?! Here’s to getting in trouble and speaking your mind.

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