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Shameless self-promotion

Christopher Doyle â„¢

Of the best possible kind. Australian Graphic Designer Chris Doyle created a self-promotional piece which is a style guide for himself.

I heard about this project before I saw it, and the concept of someone literally entering themselves in an award show as a piece of self promotion is frankly brilliant. But the whole piece is really well done with a dry sense of humor, right down to images for “incorrect usage” and “clear space”.

This is one of those ideas that you just love talking about to other people, which would have to be gold for any piece of self promotion…

Link stolen from UK design consultancy johnson banks.


Other people

Screen capture of

Screen capture of

I’ve been digging around some background research for an upcoming presentation, and stumbled back across one of my favourite links – Josh On’s theyrule ( Dating back to 2004, it’s a data visualisation of the boards of directors of American companies. It’s the best example I’ve found of how visualising data can change the way we comprehend information. As a list, it would be meaningless. But interactive – you get a new sense of the meaning of the information.

I saw Josh present at a conference in Sydney a few years back. He said something then that stuck with me: The most interesting thing about the internet is other people.

Smart guy.